American Megatrends India - Presenting Proven Storage Solutions for Outstanding Performance

CIO Vendor Technology innovations like mobility, cloud computing and IoT are creating a massive volume of data. Enterprise data storage market is gaining momentum with the adoption of flashbased solutions in mid-tier segments, increased focus towards Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in existing and green field facilities and desire to attain high performance for critical applications. However, for adopting effective enterprise storage solutions, today's enterprises require apt technology partners who can perceive customer data environment, type of data being stored, lifetime value of data, capacity and growth planning, and capable to design efficient storage systems based on Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Comprehending the significance of the type of data and value of data stored, Georgia-headquartered American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd with the India based office in Chennai, comes forth with its technology prowess in designing enterprise-class storage management tools. For fulfilling storage requirements, AMI presents StorTrends; a line up of products which include StorTrends 2610i, StorTrends 3500i and StorTrends 2401i etc. that delivers affordable all-flash (AFA), hybrid and spinning disk storage arrays. StorTrends offers enterprise class features like deduplication, compression, extreme IOPS and guaranteed SSD endurance to small, medium and large businesses.

AMI has other core solutions which are Embedded Services, BIOS Customization and Porting, Mobility Solutions, Healthcare IT solutions and Telematics Solutions etc.

According to Sridharan Mani, Director and CEO of American Megatrends India, “StorTrends solves traditional problems associated with disaster recovery through innovative WAN acceleration and transport optimization. This patented technology which intelligently combines standards-based transport methods to achieve outstanding WAN transport efficiency”.
StorTrends product line has amassed over 100 patents in storage technology. It offers unified storage with simplified management that increases storage efficiency. Thousands of StorTrends SAN and NAS storage appliances are installed worldwide in diversified segments like education, energy, finance, healthcare, marketing and retail etc.

For fulfilling storage requirements, AMI presents StorTrends; a line up of products which include StorTrends 2610i, StorTrends 3500i and StorTrends 2401i etc. that delivers affordable all flash (AFA), hybrid and spinning disk storage arrays

AMI has recently launched StorTrends 2610i which offers perfect all-flash array solution for centralized storage, mixed workloads, VDI and high-performance applications.
AMI's StorTrends 3500i, a 3U rack-mountable Dual Controller IP-SAN Storage solution, supports a combination of SSDs and spinning disks. Its crucial benefit is the availability of both SSD Caching and Tiering in the same array. Additionally, with StorTrends 2400i, an affordable 2U, rack-mount storage appliance, AMI supports both block and file data. It merges Ethernet-based IP-SAN and NAS on a single storage platform. “StorTrends 2400i is designed with features for enterprise-level storage management such as advanced Re-direct on Write (RoW) technology snapshots, synchronous and asynchronous volume replication and failover in a high availability configuration,” adds Sridharan Mani.

AMI's StorTrends iDATA and StorTrends Dedupe analyzer tools are available for free download and used to determine enterprise storage needs such as identifying IT environment's performance, capacity and throughput needs. AMI is currently focusing on IoT projects, VDI solutions, mobile-centric technologies, industry-leading healthcare solutions, Data Analytics and innovative data center in a rack architecture integrating computing, storage and VDI solutions put together.