SUSE : Enabling Enterprises to Scale Data Storage

CIO Vendor Data is growing exponentially. Research suggests that the volume of digital data will grow 40 percent to 50 percent per year. By 2020, this number is expected to swell up to 40 Zettabytes (ZB). This amazing increase in data demands the reconstruction of the way data is captured, stored, analyzed, and distributed. Another challenge for enterprises that comes along with data growth is the effective extraction of business value out of the data. If enterprises wish to stay competitive, they have to put up with the herculean task of scaling their data storage. This is due to the fact that the traditional hardware storage vendors have proved to be ill equipped to accommodate this monumental amount of data. The need of the hour is a high density storage solution which is infinitely scalable, cost effective as well as one that frees organisations from a vendor lock-in.

Engineering Ground Breaking Solution
In the midst of this storage turmoil, SUSE, a front runner in the open source software sphere, has been steadily expanding the global capability for data storage manifold. Taking on a software defined storage approach, SUSE’s Enterprise Storage leverages Ceph, a solution platform that achieves every enterprise’s aspiration for an infinitely scalable storage solution into reality. The Country Head, SUSE- India, Rajarshi Bhattacharyya terms SUSE’s Ceph based Enterprise Storage Solution as the next Linux. He further delineates, “The Ceph based storage solution has been gaining a lot of traction within the market. The technology replicates data and makes it fault tolerant. This means that the data remains undisturbed while residing on commodity hardware. It continuously monitors data utilization and re-balances data placement. This means it can optimize system performance without the need for teams of administrators to constantly monitor and manage the storage.”

SUSE Enterprise Storage Solution is the perfect solution for the bulk, large and active archival data. To be more specific SUSE’s Enterprise Storage Solution will meet all the storage needs of the Tier-2 and Tier-3 segments. Built on off-the-shelf commodity server and storage hardware with all of the advanced functionality being provided by open source software, the solution greatly reduces the initial Capex while lowering the cost per GB of enterprise-class storage deployments.

It works by implementing object storage or a distributed cluster computer system and then puts it across on commodity hardware. What this means is that the software-defined storage separates the physical storage hardware from the data storage management logic or intelligence. And the best part is that it requires no proprietary hardware components, so IT can use off-the-shelf, low-cost commodity hardware.

Open ended and platform independent solutions
SUSE with its exhaustive array of solutions and services is by and large an open source organisation. “Whatever we develop we put it upstream. We do not create a lock-in setup with the customer. With us, clients can truly experience the freedom of choice. To cite an example, we have the SUSE Manager which enables organisations to manage IT complexity and regain control of IT assets. With the SUSE Manager, you can actually manage both Linux as well as the Windows environment from a single centralised console – Microsoft Systems Center.
With the SUSE Manager Management pack for Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager, a customer can connect SUSE Manager to Systems Center Operations Manager, allowing a Windows administrator to manage both the Windows and Linux environments (from Systems Center).

If you take a look at the Linux based marketplace, most of players cannot manage, nor do they facilitate integration with other vendors. Reinstating what I earlier said, our approach is that of open source organisation. All our products and solutions are open ended and they work seamlessly across platforms. Because of this freedom of choice and the impeccable service, clients have developed a deep trust and they keep coming back to us,” says Rajarshi Bhattacharyya.

Support services at SUSE
Since SUSE works with an open source approach, the support services it provides are subscription based. The subscription comes with different grades of support which is the standard support and the premium support. Taking us through the different support services, Rajarshi Bhattacharyya explains, “In a standard support, the client gains the access to login their call. The client is contacted by our support centre within an average response time of around 4 hours. In a premium support setup the client in contacted within an hour. This is again a 24x7 support service. SUSE offers a number of paid support services in the form of premium services. The Country Head however emphasises that these services are not advisable for the Tier-2 and Tier-3 setup. He adds that if these companies decide to go for the premium paid support services, by customizing it to use it on Tier-1 set up then they might require a PSE i.e. a Premium Support Engineer to support them.

SUSE has partner ecosystems established in India which provide support to the customers throughout the implementation and the deployment phases of the solutions

When it comes to consulting, SUSE has partner ecosystems established in India which provide support to the customers throughout the implementation and the deployment phases of the solutions and extend their support over a period of years. SUSE’s support services deserve a special mention as they have been deemed as one of the best support service providers according to a number of researches, which stands as a key differentiating factor to this firm.

Building on the Open Source Foundation
SUSE has a strong command over the software defined storage market. They are fast emerging as leaders in this domain and one of the prime providers of open source solutions to customers across the world. With an enviable clientele along with high customer retention, alongside reliable and resilient solutions that enables enterprises to deliver to their full potential, it wouldn’t be wrong to term SUSE as one of the most innovative solution providers. “Our commitment towards our esteemed customers is in multiple folds,” says Rajarshi Bhattacharyya who envisions SUSE to grow to an even more customer centric organisation. SUSE endeavours to bring in products and technology which best fit the customer requirements while upholding the philosophy of open source and thereby keep building on this foundation.