IOPStor : Bringing the Benefits of SDS to the Unserved Market

CIO Vendor In 2018, software-defined storage accounted for about 25 percent of the enterprise storage market, growing from about 18 percent in 2017. However, the SMB and SME segments are in doldrums to establish a relationship with SDS, primarily due to cost prospects. Headquartered in Mumbai, IOPStor specializes in Software defined storage assisting SMBs and large enterprises to solve their productivity problems. Leveraging their unique convergence of hardware, software, and storage expertise, IOPStor builds spindle, hybrid (flash & spindle) and all-flash storage arrays, offering enterprise reliability and performance at a considerably lower price. These abilities have enabled IOPStor to help SMB’s & enterprises save big on their CAPEX and OPEX. Being the first to introduce software defined storage with customized options to suit client’s applications and IT infrastructure needs, IOPStor has facilitated equal opportunities to SMB’s to operate as per Enterprise standards. Storage box hardware failures can bring business workflow and efficiency to a halt. IOPStor is Hardware Agnostic, which makes it the best fit for such scenarios. Need to shift the data drives to another server, load rel¬evant software and start the workflow again. This elimi¬nates the need for special hardware raid controllers with CPU, Cache or BBU.

IOPStor’s flexibility is exhibited in its capability to adapt to various IT infrastructure needs. The com¬pany puts forth solutions for SMB’s which can be a hyper converged infrastructure solution with as low as 1TB SSD on a raid 5 solution.
This enables smaller companies to adapt to new technology at a much more effective price. IOP¬Stor’s USP has always been the customization aspect that the company renders to their clients. “Whether it’s a 1U 2.5 inch or a 60 bay 4 U so¬lutions, we can customize the solution. We are the first company to introduce low cost U.2 NVME solution for hybrid pools. We update the software with new fea¬tures when we feel it can help the customers in automation”, explains Gulbirr Bhatia, Founder,IOPStor.

A Case of Expertise in Unifying Data
A mobile handsets and accessories distribution retail organization having their spread across the state of Maharashtra, having it's head office at Kolhapur. Their accounts, work and stock files were distributed across locations. Realizing that there were bottlenecks in their business model hindering their growth, IOPstor was approached. IOPstor realised that the need of the hour was having all data to be centralised in-house cloud and all Flash SSD storage. HO and the management was facilitated to view data in real time there¬by increasing their productivity many fold & enabling them to open many more branches.

IOPstor has catered to various ver¬ticals successfully eg. Media (Studios), Logistics, Health Care (Hospitals), Ed¬ucation, Stock Broking, Service Sector etc. The Founder expresses his vision to help companies save cost by providing so¬lutions which can be used across verticals. With the zeal to serve the unserved market of SMB’s, and SME’s, IOPStor will contin¬ue to venture into new technologies and share their experience and knowl¬edge with customers to help take informed decisions while saving expensive resources.