Tech9Labs : Strengthening the Aisles of Enterprise Data Storage

CIO Vendor Data analytics and retention have become a huge part of what the financial, retail, healthcare, and media industry does. These industries to name a few, seek solutions for data backup, recovery, archival, compliance, data compressions, and data replications for BCP & DR. These have necessitated storage arrays to keep up with remarkable space needed. Tape storage, hard disk drives, solid- state and flash storage have doubled and by 2022, cartridges are expected to hold 128 TB. As remarkable as these figures might sound, the kinds of IBM Flash technology & Nutanix are already doing rounds and drawing the new dimensions of Enterprise Storage Capacities. These improved Enterprise Data Storage infrastructure and solutions are shaping the current and future components of any successful enterprise. In an arduous effort to maximize the IT Infrastructure and Data storage, New Delhi headquartered Tech9Labs is unifying the clients’ IT infrastructure needs by restructuring with its innovative portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions and services.

The digital data which is retained and archived in data storages for use is witnessing an upsurge in worldwide spending that is expected to exceed 51 billion USD by 2019. The available enterprise storage solutions are thereby, rapidly evolving to meet the performance and cost needs of storage clients. Unlike consumer or small business storage devices, Tech9Labs’s storage solutions and services involve all types of organization for their unprecedented requirement of industry-driven data. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Tech9Labs provides a single point of accountability for an end-to-end enterprise-class IT solution and helps them leverage accessibility, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Enterprise storage demands, overall increase in the number and size of the digital information that are available. The increase in the number of connected data and the need for rapidly processing these data is creating a greater need for local and network edge storage along with storage in big data centers.

Tech9labs is bringing in a change in the storage industry with its big storage systems to open architecture controlled by software (SDS). From infrastructure consolidation, network and storage to data backup & cloud platforms, the company is pursuing the process of strategizing, planning, designing, deploying, and operating new IT systems and support interoperability in the long run. Towards these, Tech9Labs has adapted the Virtualized environment for revamped efficiency in the storage environment. It pools the storage resources into a single source wherein, administrators can manage all of the space included in the pool regardless of its location allowing for much better storage utilization. Currently, for Storage Virtualization solution, the company sees a great value of IBM SAN Volume Controller and IBM Storwize Architectures. Tech9labs is also experiencing a great value using Nutanix Solutions; a software powering Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution. It uses server-based disk drives and flash devices to create its own shared pool of storage. The environment is much simpler, more cost-effective and high performance as a result.

Expanding Data Storage for Steady Emergence The undeniable role of identifying and adopting vast IT infrastructure is as good as managing data and selecting customized data storage. All these get initiated with Data management processes that change rapidly in the business world. Tech9labs resolves and overcomes these issues with its Consult-Architect-Transform Services (CATs). With CATs services, IT infrastructure assessment, digital transformation, and cloud readiness, Tech9Labs brings in much needed unified monitoring and seamless integration of IT infrastructures.

With such offerings in place, Tech9Labs is steadily emerging in the field of Predictive Analysis, thereby, helping enterprises with practical and on-the-ground IT Consulting and Advisories in the upcoming years. Besides, to expand technologically across geographies, nationally & internationally, the company plans to emphasize on building specialized practices in the domains of SAP HANA, Virtualization, HCI, Cloud Services & Digital Transformation.