Orisenc Technologies : Enabling Next-Gen Data Center Transformation through Hyper- Convergence Solutions

CIO Vendor Building a converged infrastructure in a corporate environment calls for a wholly new perspective about network devices. Technology providers have been successful in convincing businesses that their next huge data-center transformation will be in the hyper-converged space, attributing to agility, capital expenditures versus operating expenditures, and incremental growth, fuelled by the immense popularity of Public Cloud.

Chennai-based Orisenc, Dell EMC Gold partner, smartly caters to this demand by not just offering hyper- convergence solutions with cloud-aware and resilient infra- structure that are container-integrated, but also through specialized infrastructure architect expertise.

The mobile data explosion aided and abetted by the users’ ever-growing need for data access has resulted in a growing demand for security, responsiveness, and uplift. In order to maximize IT infrastructure and resources, business owners must align technology with business goals rather than just trying to meet transient needs. Also, for a great customer experience, it is important to create a secure environment protecting critical data. Orisenc takes the pain out of the equation by enabling organizations to deliver performance, reliability, and availability in an optimal user experience from a single solution that stand up business’ digital de- mands through virtualisation, flash, hyper-convergence and other futuristic data center technologies.

Orisenc has just the right suite of solutions for a wide spectrum of goals; increasing storage capacity for explosive growth, architecting a new storage infrastructure to sup- port a private cloud or big data application, searching for faster and easier ways to provision an entire infrastructure stack for new applications, to name a few.

A leading Healthcare IT Services Company was faced with the growing disparity between its current infrastruc- ture and the demands imposed by its exponential growth. When sought, Orisenc presented their Dell EMC solution that was an ideal technological platform, fully capable of supporting continual infrastructure expansion for the cli- ent. This reliable and scalable hyper-converged system, equipped with an all-flash storage additional storage capac- ity, seamless disaster recovery migration capabilities, and higher energy efficiency with optimal space utilization, became a game changer for the organization. Besides, Orisenc’s robust on-the-go technical support of enabled a smooth operational switch.

“Orisenc is, first and foremost, a Technology Advisor. Our clients can expect easy access to expert consulting for all datacenter needs. We deliver customized data solutions to businesses across South India and across the stack”, explains Uma R, Head of Customer Experience, Orisenc Technologies.

Beyond the domain of Dell EMC partner program, Orisenc looks forward to delivering transformational digi- tal, workforce, security and IT solutions required to always stay competitive. In fact, Orisenc has introduced a unique disruption, innovation and transformation framework – a structured process to monitor emerging areas, anticipate, analyse and exploit disruptions.