Veritas the worldwide leader in data protection

CIO Vendor Traditionally, data protection and storage have been separate disciplines within IT. Today, the model is changing with the exponential increase in data. According to IDC Research, total worldwide data will swell to 163 zettabytes by 2025, more than 10 times the amount that exists today. Growing cloud adoption, the rise of the distributed enterprise and the demand for analytics, have picked ‘data protection’ from the unexciting to-do list of storage managers and placed it on top of the priority list.

Having remained a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for data center backup and recovery solutions for 15 years, Veritas Technologies has been empowering organizations, irrespective of their sizes, to discover the potential of their most crucial digital asset, their data. With the increase in data, businesses must be prepared to make strategic choices about data collection, data storage, utilization and the location of that data – and, most importantly, how it can be safeguarded against cyber-attacks or misuse. Based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, with new corporate offices in Santa Clara, California, Veritas provides enterprise software to help combat these pressures – to backup and recover data, keep it secure and available, help realize the power of information, guard against failure, achieve regulatory compliance, and garner insights to drive competitive advantage.

Enabling multi-cloud data management Industry-wide, the initial wave of public cloud services from providers, like Google and Dropbox had a distinct consumer feel. Consequently, enterprises became skeptical about their ability to meet business needs, such as scalability, security, and compliance. Since multi-cloud environments can help enterprises mitigate the risk of data loss and downtime, organizations have figured out how to reap the rewards of different cloud services to address their unique business and application needs. This offers them improved agility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. However, with so many cloud services at play, it can be cumbersome to safely move apps and data between different clouds, or avoid overpaying for unneeded storage for less important workloads. Also, blindly moving data to the cloud can drive up cost and increase risk. In fact, according to Jyothi Swaroop, vice president of solutions marketing at Veritas, 52 percent of enterprise storage budgets are already spent on storing dark data. Without the proper tools, migrating data and application workloads to the cloud can prove to be a complicated and costly exercise.

And then, there’s the complexity of protecting data. Using point products is exponentially higher with the adoption of a multi-cloud strategy. Veritas offers a simple, reliable, and unified data protection capability that a patchwork of 'siloed' and disparate products cannot provide. Whether the cloud is a storage target or cloud workloads need protection beyond native durability, Veritas data protection is there.

Multi-cloud data management is ideal for meeting these specific needs. Over the last 18 months, Veritas has accelerated cloud partnerships with AWS, Google, IBM, and Microsoft, enabling enterprises with increasing data volumes and modern workloads to better manage, optimize, move and protect data across multi-cloud environments. These collaborations further support the commitment from Veritas to enable data management capabilities across hybrid architectures for customers and to help enterprise IT organizations successfully navigate their journey to the cloud.

Veritas offers a full spectrum of data management capabilities across these cloud service producers. These solutions, including Veritas’s flagship NetBackup, along with Veritas SaaS Backup, Enterprise Vault, and Veritas Access, among others, are optimized and available to deploy natively in public cloud services for backup and recovery, business continuity, soft¬ware defined storage, and informa¬tion governance.

Making Critical Data Accessible Much Faster
Veritas lets users actively monitor both their primary and secondary data with its enterprise ‘backup es¬tate’. Sometimes, the most vital data sits in a storage facility used only when a restore request is made. To address this challenge, Veritas pro¬vide solutions, such as Information Map that can visualize and show all of the data in a production environ¬ment faster than a lot of similar of¬ferings in the crowded market. “It is the ability to view and analyze all of this data that provides the most value to our customers,” states Swaroop. He further explains how IT orga¬nizations need a strong ‘bridge’ to connect their on-premises and multi-cloud environments. The bridge has to provide access to flexible cloud infrastructures while delivering cloud-model economics in a speedy on-premises solution. Veritas’ long-term retention storage solutions com¬bine the CapEx and OpEx savings characteristic of cloud storage with the low latency of onsite hardware and software, enabling IT teams to recover backup copies and archived files quickly and economically. At the same time, the solutions eliminate the ‘either/or’ dilemma by plugging into an organization’s cloud envi¬ronment, while providing backup/ retrieval speeds achievable only using onsite gear.
Managing Risk-Prone Data
Storage professionals have been grappling with compliance require¬ments for some time. SOX, HIPAA and other regulations have caused many sleepless nights. Today, indus¬try professionals must address the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new regulation focused on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. With GDPR, businesses are at great financial risk if they fail to comply with the new regulations. Not only do they risk hefty fines if they are not compliant, failure to protect and properly manage consumers’ data could result in lost business and diminished brand loyalty. Accord¬ing to the 2018 Veritas Data Priva¬cy Consumer Study, 60 percent of respondents from 14 countries said they would stop buying from a busi¬ness that fails to protect their data.

Veritas’ Risk Analyzer provides a specialized tool that helps businesses assess their compliance with GDPR. The tool can identify the data that a business collects, that falls under the jurisdiction of GDPR and can provide recommendations about how to best manage the data. This becomes necessary because, not only is it important to help businesses identify what data may put them at risk of being fined under GDPR, it’s important to provide counsel to ensure the risk is entirely mitigated.

Veritas’ storage and data protection services provide confirmation that clients’ data is in safe hands. Veritas’ software-defined storage protects data against attack or manipulation by hackers or other aggressors.

World-Class Software Defined Storage Veritas was named Worldwide Market Share Leader in software-defined storage (SDS) for 2017 by revenue, according to Gartner, based on the latest global figures available. At Veritas, SDS is viewed as two primary functional areas – Infrastructure and Management. The Infrastructure SDS offerings include Veritas Access for long-term retention delivering near-primary storage performance at the price point of tape and cloud. Veritas Cognitive Object Storage provides enterprises with on-premises object storage. Advancements include automatically adding intelligence to massive amounts of data, providing deeper levels of classification, indexing, and analytics, and enabling businesses to gain new, actionable insights with automated workflows.

Veritas InfoScale SDS management solutions provide data services, disaster recovery, high availability, data migration and automation services on-premises and in the cloud. These solutions uniquely span both SDS infrastructure and management categories by combing management services with persistent data storage, helping to optimize performance and reduce costs as businesses transition to cloud-based operating models.

Overall, Veritas’ software-defined storage solutions provide key functionalities that improve the user experience and ensure the data is fully scalable, available and accessible.

Strategic Growth Veritas believes the combined market for data protection, data compliance, and software-defined storage is roughly USD 17B, growing at a respectable rate of eight percent over the next five years. “We know our customers want choice and a partner that will help them be successful on-premises and in complex multi-cloud environments with no vendor lock-in. Veritas will be there to help businesses better protect and manage their data. We will help them to prospect for digital data, analyze the rapid real-time flow of unstructured data, extract it and turn it into clever new products and services,” affirms Swaroop.

As of today, Veritas has a massive installed base of the 50,000+ worldwide customers with more than 86 percent of global Fortune 500 companies relying on its solutions. The company has offices across the US, in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, with new corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California. With a rich partner base of 10,000+ active global partners, and 83 distributors servicing 127 countries, Veritas is creating higher earnings potential for its partners seeking to capitalize on Veritas’ data management solutions and to help customers solve their greatest data management problems.

Veritas consistently strives to improve the functionality and capabilities of its product portfolio. A testimony to this commitment, Veritas is introducing the latest version of its flagship offering, NetBackup with a drastically improved user interface that simplifies how customers can use the software. This latest version, NetBackup 8.1.2, also offers increased functionality with integration and support of many new modern workloads including Ha- doop, Nutanix, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, HBase, and MongoDB. “In addition, VMware administrators will see massive improvements in both the integration, ease of use, and overall enterprise-grade approach to protecting even the largest of VMware environment,” Swaroop said.

Veritas’ focus on providing the best experience and technology for its customers combined with its years of industry expertise, position Veritas as a leader in data protection and software-defined storage now and in the future.